Jul 18 2011

Public Health News Roundup: July 18

Majority of Americans Support Smoking Bans in Public Places

Sixty percent of Americans support a smoking ban in public places, according to a new Gallup Poll. According to Gallup, the 2011 poll is the first time a majority of Americans support such a ban since the question was first asked in 2011. The survey also found that fewer than 20 percent of Americans think smoking should be illegal in the U.S.

Survey: Many Parents of Teens Concerned about Cyber Bullying

A new survey of over 1,000 parents of teenagers ages 13-17, conducted by the American Osteopathic Association, finds that more than half are concerned that their teens will be the victims of cyber bullying.

Black Men More Likely to Stay Alive In Prison Than Out

A study of North Carolina inmates finds that black men are half as likely to die in prison as out of prison. The study was published in the Annals of Epidemiology. The study found that in prison, black men are more likely to be protected against drug and alcohol-related deaths, fatal accidents and some chronic diseases. The study also found that white men are more likely to die in prison than outside.

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