Jun 30 2011

Recommended Reading: Pandemics and Peace

Just a few months before flu shot season begins in the United States, the United States Institute of Peace has published a book that looks at the role peacekeeping can play in disseminating more open information about diseases, including pandemics, around the world.

The book, Pandemics and Peace: Public Health Cooperation in Zones of Conflict by William J. Long, dean of Georgia State University's College of Arts and Sciences, finds that cooperation on disease surveillance presents an unparalleled opportunity for American leadership in global public health that could deepen bilateral ties--and foster regional cooperation and stability.

“Here is the positive potential of globalization,” says Long. “it can facilitate the rapid response to healthy challenges by quickly mobilizing health professionals, medicines and supplies and by deploying information technology for disease surveillance and sharing best health practices across nations.”

Buy the book here.

Tags: Flu, Infectious disease, Public and Community Health