May 30 2014

Sharing Nursing’s Knowledge: The May 2014 Issue

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Nursing Job Outlook Sunny

Nursing graduates can take heart from long-term projections that show they have one of the hottest degrees around. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that more than half a million positions for registered nurses (RNs) will open between 2012 and 2022. An additional 525,000 nurses will be needed to replace those leaving the field. However, experts say that regional variations in employment opportunities for nurses should be expected. The outlook is especially good for nurses with bachelor’s degrees in nursing (BSNs) and higher.

Study: Nursing School Diversity Initiatives Mostly Successful

Do “pipeline programs” aimed at increasing student diversity in nursing schools actually work? The answer is ‘Yes...but,’ according to a study led by J. Margo Brooks Carthon, PhD, APRN, an alumnus of the RWJF New Connections program and an RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholar. Her study found that significantly more Latino and Asian students enrolled in nursing schools with pipeline programs than without, but enrollment among Native American and Alaskan Indian students decreased at pipeline schools.

RWJF Fellow Named First Chair for Nursing at Boston Children’s Hospital

Pediatric nurse leader Laura J. Wood, DNP, MS, RN, is Boston Children’s Hospital’s highest-ranking nurse and its first chair for nursing. Wood aims to use her leadership position to advance pediatric nursing science, interprofessional collaboration, and nurse philanthropy. Nurses have an historic opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the field by guiding nurse-led and nursing-directed philanthropy, she says. Wood is an RWJF Executive Nurse Fellow.

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