Jun 25 2013

Sharing Nursing’s Knowledge: The June 2013 Issue

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Treating Depression in Single Black Mothers
After seeing firsthand the impact of depression on single Black mothers, New Jersey Nursing Scholar Rahshida Atkins, PhD, FNP-BC, wanted to know more about the cultural and psychosocial factors that contribute to this problem. Her research led her to conclude that anger, stress, perceived racism, and low self-esteem are linked to the development of depressive symptoms among participants in her study. Atkins used the findings to develop a theory to guide nursing research and practice in the area. Health care providers, she hopes, will be able to use her theory to better understand the causes of depression in this population and make more informed recommendations for treatment and prevention.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Announces $20 Million Grant to Support Nurse PhD Scientists
RWJF recently announced an ambitious new program designed to dramatically increase the number of PhD-prepared nurses in the United States. The Foundation is investing $20 million in the new Future of Nursing Scholars program to support some of the country’s best and brightest nurses as they pursue their PhDs and become scientists, leaders, and faculty. RWJF is also working to identify and cultivate other philanthropies to join the effort, and the Independence Blue Cross Foundation announced that it is the first to sign on.

In Colorado, a Helping Hand for Emerging Nurse Leaders
Colorado is blessed with a number of nurse leaders who are boosting the work of the state’s Action Coalition. They are helping even more nurses win leadership positions in the state. Three nurses have been nominated for state board or commission posts, and 11 other nurses have been appointed to public boards. The Colorado Action Coalition also has funding to advance nurse education, and is working to enable nurses to practice to the full extent of their expertise and training.

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