Apr 11 2013

In the Media: Hefty Tome about Nurses Generates Hefty Media Coverage

This is part of the April 2013 issue of Sharing Nursing's Knowledge.

Coffee-table books are designed to draw attention, and that is precisely what nurses got after the 2012 publication of a hefty tome featuring portraits of nurses from all walks of life.

The American Nurse has caught the eye of reporters for some of the largest-circulation publications in the country, including USA Today, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, National Public Radio, and the Huffington Post.

Dozens of other news outlets, such as the Lancaster New Era in Pennsylvania and local news programs in Louisiana and Northern California, have also covered the book’s release, as have trade publications like the American Journal of Nursing and Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine, according to the book’s website.

The book, by photographer and filmmaker Carolyn Jones, tells the stories of 75 nurses working in various locations across the country—from a maternity ward in Baltimore to remote homes in Appalachia to a prison in the South. It is poised to get even more attention after completion of a  feature-length documentary film about six of the book’s subjects.

The book was supported by Fresenius Kabi USA, an international health care company that focuses on products for the therapy and care of critically and chronically ill patients. It is designed to elevate the voice of nurses in the United States, according to the book’s website.

Speaking to the nation’s nurses in a video statement, Rhonda Collins, MSN, RN, a nurse who is vice president and business manager at Fresenius Kabi USA, says: “We recognize you for who you are. We see you, and we appreciate everything you do.”

Newspaper readers and television viewers, it appears, are getting the message.

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