Jan 30 2013

Survey: Nurses Happy Now but Anticipate Challenges

Most nurses are satisfied with their jobs, but 72 percent report that “risks loom ahead for the nursing profession,” according to a survey by the health care staffing company Jackson Healthcare. Among the risks the nurses identified as concerns: workload increases, a nursing shortage, and increased liabilities and litigation involving nurses.

Seventy-six percent of nurses who responded to the survey, “Vital Signs 2012: A National Nursing Attitudes and Outlook Report,” said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs. Only 5 percent of nurses reported being “very dissatisfied” with their work.

The survey also found a “significant spike” in the number of nurses planning to retire in the next 10 years.

“Nursing is a great profession at the moment,” Richard L. Jackson, chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare, said in a news release about the findings. “It provides good pay, rewarding work and a nice balance between personal and professional life. However, with so many seniors approaching retirement, a potential nursing shortage, more litigation in the medical profession and a potential explosion of newly insured patients thanks to the Affordable Care Act, nurses fear the future and changes coming to their profession.”

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