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May 17 2011

First in a Series: The Imperative for Interprofessional Education

On May 10, the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) released two groundbreaking reports that recommend competencies for interprofessional health education to promote collaborative, team-based care, and strategies to implement them. This post is the first in a series in which the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF’s) Human Capital Blog speaks to leaders of this initiative. The first interview is with RWJF senior program officer Maryjoan Ladden, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.


Human Capital Blog: What matters most about the report you released last week?

Maryjoan Ladden: It provides a real roadmap for the change we need in health professions education, in order to make real a vision of interdisciplinary health care that is more patient-centered, higher quality and safer.

This report wasn’t created by just one organization or person, or by just one group. It results from a collaborative effort between government, funders, educators, health system leaders, providers—all of whom recognized that something fundamental needs to change in the way we are educating health care professionals.

Beyond issuing this report, we all stand ready to play a role in making that change. That’s why we didn’t just issue a report detailing core competencies but rather, a second piece with strategies for action to ensure that they are widely used. To me, that is exciting because, as a nurse practitioner I’ve seen first-hand the challenges associated with collaboration – especially when health professionals are thrown together for the first time in a busy practice setting and have to work together without any preparation to do so. And I know too well the harm to patients when their health care providers do not work well together. We need to turn that around and we need to do it now.

HCB: How do you want to see it used?

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Feb 4 2011

RWJF Community Health Leader Named Health Advocate of the Year

Congratulations to RWJF Community Health Leader Judi Hilman (2008) for being named Families USA’s Consumer Health Advocate of the Year. Hilman is executive director of the Utah Health Policy Project, which assures quality, affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for all Utah residents through research, policy advocacy and civic participation activities.

The award, which recognizes outstanding contributions on behalf of our nation’s health care consumers, was presented to Hilman at Families USA’s annual Health Action conference last month.

Learn more about Hilman’s work.

Jan 12 2011

Free Seminars in Nashville from Nationally Renowned Scholars and RWJF Alumni

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College (Nashville, Tenn.) is pleased to announce the following lectures, as part of its free health policy seminar series entitled “National Scholars’ Current Issues in Health Policy Seminar.” The series kicked off on January 5 with a lecture by Wayne Riley, M.D., MSPH, MBA, MACP (President and CEO of Meharry Medical College) and will continue with the following:

  • January 24, 2011; RWJF Clinical Scholars alumnus Tim Carey, M.D., MPH (Director of the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
  • February 7, 2011; Vence Bonham, Jr., J.D. (Senior Advisor to the Director on Societal Implications on Genomics at the National Human Genome Research Institute)
  • February 21, 2011; Otis Brawley, M.D. (Chief Medical Officer , American Cancer Society)

The mission of the RWJF Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College is to provide leadership in health policy education along with research and reform on a national, state and local level while continually supporting the historic mission of Meharry Medical College: to improve the health and health care of minority and underserved communities.

The seminar series will continue through May 2011. Learn more about the program and speakers.