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Two Years After Sandy, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Knows Mental Health Services' Work Isn't Done

10/29/2014 | NJBIZ

As Wednesday marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Princeton-based Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said it continues to support the state's mental health services, which the foundation identified as its top priority after the storm roared across the state — causing billions of dollars in immediate physical damage and taking a long-term toll on the emotional health of the people in its path.

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Grant Will Help Students Deal with Stress From Natural Disasters

10/27/2014 | Daily Record

“Hurricane Sandy opened many eyes about the vulnerability of our state’s infrastructure and the communities involved with us are ones continually at risk,” United Way of Northern New Jersey CEO John Franklin said Monday. “Children feel the stress that rolls off the adults in their lives during emergencies and that affects them all throughout the day – at home, at school and in the community. The United Way of Northern New Jersey announced the $800,000 grant that is coming from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and going to 17 schools over the next three years.

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Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor

10/17/2014 | New York Times

While high-deductible plans cover most of the costs of severe illnesses and lengthy hospital stays, protecting against catastrophic debt, those plans may compel people to forgo routine care that could prevent bigger, longer-term health issues, according to experts and research. "They will cause some people to not get care they should get,” Katherine Hempstead, who directs research on health insurance coverage at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said of high-deductible marketplace plans.

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Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Falls, Survey Shows

09/16/2014 | The New York Times

In an analysis of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which receives information on hundreds of health insurance plans across the country, RWJF found a 20 percent increase in the rate of hospital admissions among people in the individual market—the place where many of the newly insured are covered—in the second quarter compared with the second quarter of 2013.

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Why is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Doubling Down on Health Journalism?

09/16/2014 | Inside Philanthropy

Recently, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded a $1 million grant to WNYC that will create a health unit at the station. This unit will "cover three core areas—healthy living and wellness, health care economics and policy, and medical science and discovery—through a blend of high-impact investigative reporting, powerful first-person narrative, data news tools, and deep audience engagement."

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Philanthropy, TED-Style: How RWJF is Looking for More Intellectual Juice

09/15/2014 | Inside Philanthropy

Kicking around novel and even crazy-sounding ideas is important for any funder looking to solve big problems. Why? Because you never know where breakthrough thinking will come come from, and the wider you cast the net, the better your chances for generating creative new funding strategies. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is one funder looking for more intellectual juice, and that makes sense. RWJF has taken on the ambitious, sweeping goal of creating a new "culture of health" in the United States. Among other things, this will require slimming down, oh, around 100 million Americans.

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How Healthy Is Your Hometown?

09/09/2014 | Everyday Health

Many communities face enormous health challenges for a variety of reasons: from socioeconomics and education to availability of affordable, nutritious food and access to open spaces. But counties across the country are finding creative ways to make wellness a priority shared by residents, businesses, healthprofessionals, educators, and local government.

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Media Lab to Launch Wellness Initiative with $1 Million Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant

09/08/2014 | MIT News

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), which is providing a $1 million grant, the new initiative will address the role of technology in shaping our health, and explore new approaches and solutions to wellbeing. The program is built around education and student mentoring; prototyping tools and technologies that support physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing; and community initiatives that will originate at the Media Lab, but be designed to scale.

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At RWJF, building a Culture of Health means working as an ally to make getting healthy and staying healthy a vital part of American culture. It means spotlighting places where the seeds of healthy actions are being planted and working alongside people across the country to turn small victories into a national movement.  

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