Helping to Raise the Arizona Nursing Workforce Educational Level

Kim LaMar believes strongly in the future of nursing because of Chamberlain College of Nursing's gifted graduates ... including her own daughter.

    • August 22, 2012

RWJF’s promotion of the IOM Future of Nursing report has led to Arizona’s creation of the Arizona Action Coalition to promote nursing in the state. This has led to focused efforts to increase the nursing workforce educational preparation level at baccalaureate or higher. Chamberlain College of Nursing shares this passion for excellence and quality in healthcare in many ways including support of my involvement in the founding of the Arizona Action Coalition.

This commitment is best demonstrated through a graduate from our second graduating class. Chamberlain’s graduates are truly gifted nurses and, as a national college, can impact healthcare across the nation. This particular graduate holds special meaning for me as the president for Chamberlain’s Arizona campus as she also is my daughter, Jessica LaMar.

I believe so firmly in the future of nursing because of our graduates who exemplify the perfect balance of science and art in nursing every day. Much like the ‘butterfly effect’, our graduates are the wings stirring the air that leads to major changes in healthcare currents across the globe.


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