Video Vocab: Understanding the Affordable Care Act

This series of short infographic videos explains concepts of health reform.

    • October 11, 2011

Around the country, many Affordable Care Act implementation efforts are already underway. Still, many Americans are unclear about what the individual reforms mean, and more importantly, how the new benefits and provisions of reform will impact them.

Health Insurance Exchanges…? Cost Sharing…? The Medicare Part D Donut Hole…? It can get pretty complicated.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s new series of animated educational videos is here to help. These short videos tackle five common terms of ACA implementation. Please share with your friends and network, and post to your own sites to help people gain a clearer understanding of what the new law means for them.

RWJF Video

Health Insurance Exchanges

Part of the new health care reform law, online marketplaces called health insurance exchanges will be set up to help individuals and employers shop for and buy health insurance. This short infographic video explains what health insurance exchanges are as a part of health reform.

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