Better Futures Enterprises

A Common Sense Approach to Improving Circumstances for High-Risk Men

    • December 14, 2010

After spending time in prison, the prospect of rebuilding your life is often daunting.

In Minnesota, a group of health and human service agencies recognized that men being released from prison were not getting the support they needed to successfully reenter society, largely due to fragmented service referrals. Their solution: Better Futures Enterprises (BFE), formerly known as the NetWork for Better Futures, an organization that provides former convicts and other men considered "high-risk" with integrated access to primary health care, behavioral health treatment, affordable housing, employment and social supports.

Preliminary analysis shows that every dollar invested in BFE generates up to four dollars for the community it supports, in the form of:

  • taxes and child support paid by participants,
  • reduced criminal behavior,
  • reduced homelessness, and
  • reduced use of social services.

The recidivism rate among participants is also markedly lower than the national average.

Through its holistic, supportive approach, BFE creates transformational opportunities for the men it serves and strengthens the health of communities in which it operates -- and may just become a national model in prisoner reentry policy and practice.

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Better Futures Enterprises

See what Better Futures Enterprises is doing in The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul to reduce recidivism, reduce the use of expensive public services, save tax payers money, and improve the lives of those living in our neighborhoods.

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