Nursing Leadership from Bedside to Boardroom: Opinion Leaders' Perceptions

As reform advances, leaders say nurses' expertise not being fully tapped.

    • January 19, 2010

Americans have long named nurses as one of the professional groups they trust most, but the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) wanted to know if nurses are key decision-makers when it comes to health care reform. To learn more, the Foundation commissioned an unprecedented Gallup study to examine what role the nation’s opinion leaders think nurses are playing in health care reform, and what role opinion leaders think nurses should play when reform is implemented.

Gallup surveyed more than 1,500 thought leaders from insurance, corporate, health services, government and industry, as well as university faculty. The first-of-its-kind survey finds that an overwhelming majority of opinion leaders say nurses should have more influence in many areas, including reducing medical errors, increasing the quality of care, promoting wellness, improving efficiency and reducing costs. A clear majority say that nurses should have more influence than they do now on health policy, planning and management.

But when asked how much influence various professions and groups are likely to have in health reform, opinion leaders put nurses behind government, insurance and pharmaceutical executives, and many others-­and they see real barriers to nursing leadership. Learn what these barriers are, take our interactive poll to share your views, see the video of the news conference at which the poll was released, read the media materials, and more.

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