The Primary Care Team: Learning from
Effective Ambulatory Practices


Capturing and Sharing Innovative Practices in Primary Care Delivery

After a year of intensive, cross-country site visits to exemplary primary care practices, The Primary Care Team: Learning from Effective Ambulatory Practices (LEAP) project is exploring how those workforce models can be replicated and adopted by practices across the country. The LEAP project previously selected the 31 practice sites for their innovative workforce strategies. At a meeting in Seattle in late October 2013, leaders from all 31 sites convened to share best practices and lessons learned.  The LEAP project is fostering a Learning Community of the sites, an online destination for others to converse and share best practices, and developing a toolkit to distill their invaluable insights for others’ use.  

The “exemplar” practices represent a variety of settings, practice configurations, sizes and locations. They include private practices, large health systems, and community health centers; they represent 20 states; and they include settings as varied as rural Colorado, inner-city New York, and Portland, Ore.

In 2014, LEAP is hosting a six-part webinar series among the project’s participants to elicit more information on how to best utilize the primary care workforce. Topics will include ways that primary care can change the culture of care in communities and practices dealing with issues of complex care management.

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LEAP on the Human Capital Blog


Sharing Innovative Practices in Primary Care Delivery

The RWJF LEAP Project is creating a culture of health by discovering, documenting and sharing innovations in the primary care workforce. In Spring 2014, the RWJF Human Capital Blog will report on webinar presentations by exemplar sites.

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Maryjoan Ladden / RWJF

Primary Care on the Front Lines of Innovation

Maryjoan Ladden, an RWJF senior program officer, writes about her LEAP site visit in Boston.

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