How Behavior Change Really Happens

BJ Fogg, director of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, is a social scientist, innovator, and teacher who creates systems to change behavior. "If we can help people understand how behavior change really happens in the long-term, then I believe people can design some of their own solutions to have healthier behaviors."  —BJ Fogg 


Why RWJF Cares

If we want people to have healthy habits, we need to understand where these habits come from. BJ Fogg’s behavior model gives us a compelling understanding for how behavior change happens, and allows us to better see how our work could inspire these changes.”

Brian Quinn, RWJF assistant vice president, Research and Evaluation

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How do you really cause #behaviorchange? @BJFogg explains his model #WhatsNextHealth

What's Next Health Infographic: Who Will Change Their Behavior?

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