Reform in Action: The Role of Employers in Quality Care

As the largest purchaser of health care in America, employers are paying a high price for poor-quality care. About 55 percent of Americans get health insurance through employers, and employers pay for nearly three-quarters of premiums. Improving the quality of health care could improve health while saving money.

Excessive, ineffective & harmful care costs typical employer $1.9k-2.2k/employee each yr

Six Resources for Employers about Improving Health and Health Care for Employees

Six Resources for Employers about Improving Health and Health Care for Employees

For employers and other health care purchasers, such as unions, engaging employees to better manage their health and spend health care dollars wisely are crucial efforts, but can seem daunting. These resources can help you get started.

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Three Tips for Getting Smarter About Health Care


Managing your health and health care can feel overwhelming. Luckily, more research is available every day to help identify the best treatments, doctors and hospitals to help us seek out and get the best care. Here are three steps you can take—starting now—to get smarter about health care.

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AF4Q in Action

AF4Q alliances are working with local employers to help drive accountability for providers and insurers to help patients get better quality care that makes more efficient use of health care dollars.

Hear from RWJF on Employers' Critical Role

Hear Anne Weiss, Senior Program Officer and Director of the Quality/Equality team, talk about the critical role employers play in improving the quality of health care and lowering costs.

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