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This is the feature about the new site

Welcome to the new Beta. Smart by design, responsive by nature.

From the halls of Congress to community clinics to businesses big and small, RWJF delivers research and insight into the health and health care issues that matter most.


Welcome to the Beta

This limited release is for us to explore, embrace, and own. Share your thoughts and help us continue to make this site a more effective tool for our audiences and ourselves–as we work to create social change.

Why a private beta?

new features & functionality

Find Research, In No Time

We redesigned to make it easier for people to find the research they need. Here are some of the new features and functionality to get people in and out, fast:

These improvements will bring them back to the website again and again, whenever they’re looking for the latest on health and health care.

'Responsive' Design

Get the Site On the Go

Get the Site On the Go

These days we’re all constantly on the run, and in need of information at a second’s notice. That’s why this website works the same way—whether you’re on a computer, phone, or tablet, you’ll get the same content and experience—without compromising on quality or quantity.

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