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How Have Marketplace Plans Changed in New Jersey?

RWJF Director and Senior Program Officer Kathy Hempstead comments on enrollment trends in New Jersey. While questions remain about the ultimate size and shape of New Jersey’s non-group market, there are clearly many more options for both new and existing consumers.

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Rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy

RWJF Remains Committed to Recovery Two Years After Hurricane Sandy

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided $1.5 million to repair damaged youth organizations in addition to a $5 million grant towards statewide recovery.

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Uninsurance Drops 46 Percent Among Nonelderly Adults in N.J.

New data from the Health Reform Monitoring Survey suggests there has been an estimated gain in insurance coverage by more than 520,000 people.

How did the ACA influence enrollment?

Professors for the Nursing Profession

With support from RWJF’s New Jersey Nursing Initiative, more Garden State nurses attained the high-level academic degrees that qualify them to teach at the college level. As new faculty they will help to meet the educational needs of New Jersey’s nursing workforce.

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The House on Livingston Avenue

Our Roots in New Jersey

Follow our growth from a small community foundation headquartered in a house on Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick to the largest foundation in the U.S. devoted to the public's health. You can also see how RWJF’s grantmaking in New Jersey has become more strategic and collaborative in the last decade.

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  2. New Jersey Culture of Health Forum

    Forum convened leaders from a variety of sectors to address how everyone in N.J. and across the country can work together to build a Culture of Health to enable all to lead healthier lives now and for generations to come.
  3. Long-term Mental Health Effects of Hurricane Sandy

    Long after the winds and water have receded, New Jersey residents continue to cope with the devastating mental health effects left by Hurricane Sandy. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) brought together government and business leaders, elected officials, health care professionals, and members of the community to address best ways to provide care.

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Changing the Conversation about Obesity

Nearly one in four children ages 10-17 in New Jersey is overweight or obese, leading to many chronic health problems for young people — and a big medical bill for the state. A network of New Jersey organizations are starting to look at the epidemic in a new way.

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