Exploring New Approaches to the Patient-Provider Encounter

It's time to flip the clinic.

In a culture of health, individuals and families have the means — as well as the sincere opportunity — to make choices that lead to healthier lifestyles and better outcomes. To achieve this transformation, we are going to need work together to rethink how we deliver health care and how we engage in our own health. Flip the Clinic is a step in that direction.

Flip the Clinic is a community of people sharing and encouraging the contribution of ideas to reimagine the medical encounter between patients and care providers.

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Flip the Clinic is the creation of a cross-disciplinary team at RWJF, led by the foundation’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Thomas Goetz, who is also an author and the former executive editor of Wired. The idea is simple: What if we fundamentally changed the nature of the doctor-patient visit, in order to improve patient understanding, provider efficiency and health outcomes?

Just as Flip the Clinic aims to help patients take a more active role in the typical doctor’s office visit, OpenNotes, Khan Academy and Project Echo are working to reimagine the relationship between patients and their health. 

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