New Era of Patient Engagement

Can patient activation help improve health outcomes and reduce costs?

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"As a nation, we’ve really neglected that all-important person in the corner who has the most crucial input of all: the patient." David C. Colby, vice president, Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, shares his perspective in a new post on Health 2.0 News. Patient Engagement: Winning a Trifecta

Comparing Health Care Quality

 Three patients sitting in a meeting with a medical assistant.

Early Lessons Bolster the Case for Patient-Centered Care

Actively engaging patients in improving ambulatory care improves provider-patient communication and avoids potential challenges to new services.

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Shift Consumers Toward Most Effective Care

How can we make it easier for consumers to make informed choices about health plans? Health Affairs offers early evidence on desire for "apple to apple” online comparisons.

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A doctor checks out a patient in an examination room.

Doctor Performance Gets a Checkup

Are you receiving quality care? How would you know? With a grant from RWJF and in collaboration with Aligning Forces for Quality communities, Consumer Reports published information comparing the quality of doctors in three states.

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A National Directory for Researching Physicians and Hospitals

RWJF's National Directory provides access to publicly available, free reports with information about the process of delivering care, actual outcomes for patients, and more.

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Attendees, panelists, and participants on social media were encouraged to Tweet along with hashtag #HA_Patients during the Health Affairs briefing on patient engagement.

Transparency, public reporting, and new models of patient-centered care could help patients reach better outcomes, at lower cost.

Study Finds Patients Benefit from Reading Doctors'Visit Notes, with Little Impact on Doctor Workload

When patients have access to their doctors’ visit notes, they have a better understanding of their health care, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Read the article, which was is one of the Final 5 Most Influential Research Articles of 2012.