Congratulations to the winners of the

Aligning Forces for Quality Games to Generate Data Challenge

And to the winners of the

RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge

"The games these teams have created in this challenge have the potential to help transform health care. We are very proud to be fostering this kind of innovation." —Mike Painter, JD, MD Senior Program Officer

Hospital Price Transparency Challenge

We challenged information technology specialists to use recently released CMS hospital price data to build visualizations of the data and applications & tools that can help consumers make better decisions.

Apps & Tools Winners

  • First Place: Paige Amidon, Doris Peter, Chris Baily, Kristina Mycek, Kathy Person, Patricia Ju, and Shane Shelley, Consumer Reports
  • Second Plance: Arjun Ohri and Andrew Huang, ReferMe Health
  • Third Place: Christina LaMontagne, Nerdwallet Health

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Static Visualization Winners

  • First Place: Esther Chak and Mary-Jo Valentino, "So You Need Knee Replacement Surgery"
  • Second Place: Edward Kim and James Park, wHealth
  • Third Place: Melvin Hill, "Hospital Prices and Consumer Assessment"

Interactive Visualization Winners

  • First Place: Adam McCann, "Optimal Hospital"
  • Second Place: Drake Pruitt, Mauro Brunato and Roberto Battiti, "Clinic Optimizer"
  • Third Place: Sagar Sawant, "CrystalCare"

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AF4Q Games to Generate Data Challenge

We challenged video game developers to leverage data from Aligning Forces for Quality, the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program, and other databases to create games that engage patients and health providers in generating new quality data.

Winners were announced at Health 2.0's fall conference.

  • First Place: Edward Kim and James Park, wHealth
  • Second Place: Swatee Surve, Litesprite
  • Third Place: Chris Bartek, Slawdog

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Price Transparency

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Watch experts discuss the National Transparency Summit and efforts underway across the country to promote transparency.

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