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The Rankings offer an easy-to-use snapshot of overall health for nearly every county in the U.S.

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A Starting Point for Change

For too long being healthy has been defined as simply not needing to seek medical care. But it is time to look at the bigger picture of health, and how it extends to work, family, and community life. Factors such as education, obesity, smoking, unemployment, air quality, poverty, and teen birth rates all influence health. 

The County Health Rankings measures these factors and more, making it possible for communities to see the health problems they face and create local solutions to solve them. This is important information. But it is only as meaningful as the action it inspires, or the lives it can improve.

The County Health Rankings is a key starting point for change. We hope you will use your county’s ranking to help build a culture of health where it matters most to you: in your home town.

Using Rankings to Inspire Community Action

Launch Webcast Event Recording

The County Health Rankings webcast event on March 26 explored key findings from the 2014 Rankings and examples of communities that are turning data into action to improve health.

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How County Health Rankings Can Improve Health

Hosted by Susan Dentzer, RWJF senior policy advisor, this First Friday Google+ Hangout featured four panelists from various sectors working to improve the health of U.S. communities. Panelists discussed how to use the Rankings data to inspire meaningful local action and create healthy communities.

Read the blog post and watch the video