The RWJF Commission to Build a Healthier America emphasized three areas essential to improving the nation’s health: increasing access to early childhood development, revitalizing low-income neighborhoods, and broadening the mission of health care providers beyond medical treatment.

ROI on Early Childhood Investments

Every $1 invested in early childhood programs for at-risk families yields $3 - $17 in returns #CBHA2014

Infographic: Quality early childhood programs can positively affect health for a lifetime #CBHA2014

Chart points out glaring omission: We do not prioritize spending on our youngest children #CBHA2014

Infographic: Parents' income can affect a child's chances for health throughout life #CBHA#2014

Infographic: Building communities where the healthy choice is the easy choice #CBHA#2014

Health Leads Questionnaire

New vital signs? Sample questions frm @HealthLeadsNatl address patients’ social needs #CBHA2014