Virtually everything we do nationally trickles down locally. We focus on the nationwide problem of effective, coordinated emergency response ... and one of our local grantees stands out as one of the few efficiently functioning ambulance services in New Orleans following Katrina. We draw attention to the care and treatment of dying Americans ... and in a Seattle pediatric hospital, a terminally ill 17-year-old girl with liver cancer dies pain-free, in her own time, on her own terms.

And we could go on.

The grassroots results of our 40 years of effort are often lost and forgotten. So now we are reaching out to you for stories about how RWJF has affected you or someone you know. You can tell us your story as a short essay, a photograph, or a video. (If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at what we've published so far.)

Make your story compelling. Feel free to exercise your creativity. And above all, describe a particular significant event or impact.

So send us your story. To do so, you'll have to log in to MyRWJF and click on the "apply" button next to "tell us your story."

Happy story-telling!


Our Force Multiplier campaign salutes Robert Wood Johnson Foundation programs and initiatives, such as Cash and Counseling, that have helped to revolutionize health and health care in America.

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