Quality Field Notes: Case Studies for Engaging Patients in Care

This set of case studies explores how five Aligning Forces for Quality communities engaged patients in their own care. The case studies explore how various initiatives were developed and the results achieved thus far.

Case Studies

  • In Detroit, a cardiac disease prevention program helped at-risk patients adopt healthy behaviors, achieve weight and BMI reductions and improve cardiovascular fitness.

  • A campaign across Washington State empowered patients to manage their own health and health care – and was customized by three local purchasers and shared with their employees and members.

  • An organization in Humboldt County, Calif. developed a framework to more actively engage patients across all levels of the delivery spectrum – from improving their personal health to helping enact policy change in the local community.

  • In South Central Pennsylvania, a program embedded ‘patient partners’ in primary care practices to assist in quality improvement efforts.

  • A health system in Maine brought patients to the table to help meet goals and accelerate activities to improve care for different patient populations.

Resources on Increasing Patient Engagement

Doctor and nurse checking vitals on a patient in the geriatric ward.

Issue Brief: Engaging Patients Improves Health and Health Care

This issue brief presents key lessons about what’s working in Aligning Forces for Quality communities to improve the quality and value of health care by engaging patients.

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Quality Field Notes: Patient Engagement Interview Photos

An Interview With Jessica Osborne-Stafsnes and Melissa Jones

We sat down with Jessica Osborne-Stafsnes, project co-director, and Melissa Jones, project director for Aligning Forces Humboldt, to discuss insights into engaging patients.

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 Health Leads; two women and baby in medical office

Patient Engagement Resource Guide

This resource guide provides additional information for patients and clinicians on enhancing patient engagement.

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A Multidimensional Framework for Patient and Family Engagement in Health and Health Care

Patient Engagement Framework

This flowchart provides a multidimensional framework for patient and family engagement in health and health care.

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