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For more than 25 years, Local Funding Partnerships (LFP) has been ahead of the curve, supporting innovations in community health to grow, scale, and contribute to the establishment of national best practices. RWJF recognizes that poverty, violence, inadequate housing or education contribute significantly to poor health and that members of the communities who experience these firsthand are often the best source for solutions. LFP was the Foundation’s first program to source health solutions directly from the affected local communities.


Health Research & Educational Trust of New Jersey

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Pauline M. Seitz
Program Director


Curtis E. Holloman
Deputy Director


The Power of Partnership

In this video, local funders and grant recipients join with Jane Isaacs Lowe, senior adviser for program development at RWJF, and Polly Seitz, LFP's national program officer, to discuss the lessons of this initiative, as a showcase of the best of philanthropy, and the change it can catalyze. 

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Remarks from Jane Lowe, Senior program adviser and program officer, Vulnerable Populations

Team Director Jane Lowe

 “For two decades, LFP has achieved collaboration among multiple funders to support ambitious community-driven initiatives. These projects address some of our most daunting health problems by providing matching grants to local nonprofits so that innovative solutions can take root in communities across America.”

Jane Lowe in “Collaboration Where Health Happens

A Culture of Collaboration

In this video, RWJF President Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, joins LFP's local funders and grant recipients to share perspectives on what makes partnerships successful, from collaboration, communication, and trust to a shared vision of social change. 


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Remarks from Polly Seitz, national program director, Local Funding Partnerships

National Program Director Polly Seitz

“I've seen LFP move over the years from very institution-based grants. It's grown and evolved, so that now the locus of care is so incredibly community based, where community organizations are where the grants come from, where they originate, and where they grow."



The Power of Partnership: Cutting-edge Partnerships, Decades in the Making

In this guest post on the Giving Forum blog, Jane Lowe celebrates 20 years of Local Funding Partnerships. Learn how working with local funders has enabled RWJF to take the pulse of local communities, identify common threads across different parts of the country, and support local innovation. Now, partnership has become our norm.

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$130 million

in grants have been co-funded by RWJF and local funding partners since 1987.

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A Battle Plan to Lose Weight

April 15, 2013 - In this New York Times article, LFP awardee In Shape is cited as one of the few widely tried health-promotion programs for people with mental illnesses.

A sobering success

April 8, 2013 - LFP awardee Children's Advocacy Center marks its 10th anniversary servicing victims of serious physical and sexual child abuse, including 1,767 forensic interviews with abused children. 

Philadelphia Running Clubs

March 27, 2013 - Kicking off their 9th season, LFP awardee Students Run Philly Style connects students with adults who help them accomplish goals beyond their dreams, including the completion of a marathon.  

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