A Historian Looks Ahead

In this interview with RWJF's Steve Downs, historian Keith Wailoo discusses how we define our own cultures of health and shares how deeply held cultural narratives influence our perceptions of health.

Why RWJF Cares

History offers valuable lessons about the ways science, politics and culture shape health. Keith’s perspective reveals how assumptions and long-standing cultural narratives can affect how people perceive health—important insights as we look ahead to create a Culture of Health.”

Steve Downs, RWJF chief technology and information officer

What's Next Health: Keith Wailoo infographic
WNH Keith Wailoo infographic

Infographic: When "Good" Data Goes Bad

Good data can play a critical role in answering some of our most vexing questions concerning health. But history shows us that data is never collected or analyzed in a vacuum. Instead, the culture of the times acts as a lens that can either obscure or reveal truth. Here is one example, looking at the history of data collection concerning cancer and race.

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What happens when good data goes bad? Keith Wailoo helps us look forward by looking back #WhatsNextHealth

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